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Class of 2021, You deserve a Senior Portrait Experience!  


Graduating High School is such an exciting time, and one that you will look back on for the rest of your life. It is the beginning of an amazing journey - the start of a wonderful story, written by YOU.  You are young, you are unique, and you are beautiful!  

In light of our current need of social distancing, there may be questions about what the future will bring.  What will graduation look like for you?  And...what about that Senior Portrait?

The good news is, you can still have an awesome senior photo shoot! When you call me, we will chat about what you want from your senior portraits.  We can easily create the session that you desire, outdoors or indoors. We can be safe and maintain appropriate social distance while still creating personal connection, an enjoyable experience, and beautiful professional portraits that you (and your parents!) will want to keep forever. 

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