About the Photographer


I have these wonderful photographic keepsakes of my Grandmother, from when she was growing up and into adulthood.  Thankfully, she kept them in pristine condition, and I have been so grateful to be able to look back on who she was at the various stages of her life.  I have been struck by the photography of a bygone era; by its soft and flattering light, producing images that truly capture one's inner beauty; images to cherish. What do you want to capture in your portrait session? You may wish to celebrate YOU; to document a moment in time in your life, or in the life of your family; to portray an inner strength, beauty…a feeling or desire. A portrait may be soft, or it may be powerful, it may be very formal, or it may be playful; as a portrait photographer, my goal is to create for you a memorable experience and beautiful images of you that you may look back on and cherish for years and years to come. I have been a Portland Photographer for 16 years now. When you visit my portrait studio here in Portland, Oregon, prepare to be uplifted, and to look and feel amazing.