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The photos from the Grant Seniors All Night Party 2023 Photo Booth are ready for download so you can share them!  To request access to your photo(s) from the Photo Booth Gallery , please fill out the contact sheet ( I will look you up in the Grant yearbook and send you a link to your photos.) You may choose to add a message with any other pertinent info that may help me identify your photos.  There is no charge for these photos, grads.  Congratulations on finishing your HS years and good luck on your future endeavors!

Please do tag @ChristinaTselnikPortraits on IG, use the hashtag #GeneralsGradAfterparty to be entered to win a free 5x7 print and Gift Voucher for a personal Photo Shoot! (By filling out this form, you grant Christina Tselnik Portraits permission to share your photo booth images on social media.)   :-) Thank you!

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